Cumberland Good Samaritans

Serving Cumberland County for 35 Years!

For over 35 years, the board of directors, staff and volunteers of Cumberland Good Samaritans continue to have a mission to serve the unmet needs of the people of Cumberland County. The organization strives each day to take one need at a time and determine what can be done to improve a person’s circumstances or situation. Lives are being changed for the better with a hand up through direct services and social service programs. This is made possible through the revenues generated by a large thrift store where quality, affordable items perfect for both bargain shoppers and those on a budget can be found. The necessary funding is used to operate many programs where lasting change is being made for the families and individuals of our community. These programs range from maintaining the largest stocked food pantry in Cumberland County, to providing emergency support services, educational scholarships, and resources to help you find your next job. We also work with a variety of community partners to make services like drug rehabilitation available to our community.

Whether you are looking for a bargain at our thrift store, need assistance to overcome some barrier in your life, or would like to partner with us by volunteering or making a donation, Cumberland Good Samaritans exists for the people of Cumberland County. Get in touch to see how you can help us to make a difference!

Think Good Samaritans first!

Get the Help You Need.

Life can be hard and sometimes we all need a little help. Cumberland Good Samaritans has a variety of programs aimed at helping qualifying residents of Cumberland County with both emergency assistance and with long-term partnerships that can change lives. Explore below to find more information about some of our programs. But, remember, we consider each client’s situation individually. We look at each person’s circumstances and situation to see how we might help make a change for the better. If you need help or information, be sure to get in touch with us directly and let’s explore how we might partner in finding a solution that works for you!

Get Help with Emergency Assistance

Get Help in Emergencies.

Sometimes things happen. Talk to us to find out if we can help.

Get Help with Food Assistance

Get Help with Food.

Food is vital. See if we can help with food assistance.

Get Help Finding a Job

Get Help Finding a Job.

Looking for work? Check out our local resources for job seekers.

Get Help with School

Get Help with School.

Need more education? See if we can help you get started.

Get Help Getting Clean

Get Help Getting Clean.

Addiction is hard to beat. See if we can help.

Find Great Bargains!

The Cumberland Good Samaritans Thrift Store generates the revenues needed to provide program operations and to cover administrative costs. It provides great shopping for bargain hunters, quality affordable merchandise for those on a budget, and the proceeds from the Thrift Store fund the operation of our direct assistance and social service programs. Through shopping, volunteering, and donating your gently-used items to the Thrift Store you are working to help build a better life for individuals and families in our community. Yet another great reason to think Good Samaritans first!

Great Local Shopping

Great Local Shopping.

Find great bargains on clothes, furniture, books, and more!

Donate to the Thrift Store.

Donate to the Thrift Store.

Find out how to donate items to the Thrift Store.


Volunteer at the Thrift Store.

Join in and help make a difference in the community!

Join in. Help Out.

Do you want to make a difference in our community? Volunteers are the backbone of the organization. Each month men and women of all ages, just like you, collectively volunteer nearly a thousand hours partnering with Cumberland Good Samaritans to give their neighbors a hand up and make a better life. Whether you help out with our food pantry or thrift store, if you’re looking to help, we’ve got a place for you. Think Good Samaritans first!

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